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60 songs we love to love, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva

DRAWINGS from Drift




DRIFT installation, Callicoon Fine Arts (NY)


TOGETHER (keeping it/losing it/doing it)


1DJ2MANY live at the Fondation Vuitton, Paris


TOGETHER, Samtidsmuseet, Oslo




DRIFT: live work for voice, percussion and digital text


PHILOMENA (exploded house): The Dark Would




Philomena (working the line): Non-Text


1DJ2MANY (finaltransit mix): The Power Plant, Toronto


VIA: KUMU Museum of Art of Estonia


1DJ2MANY (elevation mix 2): Postscript, MCA Denver


1DJ2MANY (ELEVATION MIX 1): GRÜ/Transtheatre, Geneva


VIA: In the First Circle, Fundacio Tapiès, Barcelona


Ghost Cargo Sky Banner: Leeds skies


MIDDLING ENGLISH: John Hansard Gallery, Southampton


Broadsides from Middling English


SAY Parsley: Arnolfini, Bristol










CECI N'EST PAS UNE BRIDE: Double Change, Paris


TWO POSTCARDS: Bury TEXT Festival, Bury








SAY: 'PARSLEY': Spacex Gallery






PUBLIC ADDRESS: Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan, Sweden


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MORE PETS 2:56 Nov 2009
mixd on DJ/RUPTURE's new album. Check this track - created and mixed by DJRupture & Matt Shadetek using my reading More Pets on their voice & multi rhythm-based Solar Life Raft. Just out on agriculture (Nov 2009).

oh my oh my 0:12 June 2015
Audio work installed at MAMCO Museum, Geneva. 6 seconds, on a loop, 2 voices. Ahead of my performance Love Song (46"12N) on Saturday 20 June at 5.13 am in Geneva.

Cropper (Vox Mix) (July'09) 4:10 July 2009
Final section of Cropper, autobio sketch in 8 pages 2 colors 2 sections. Publ. by Torque Press (2008). In Norwegian kropper means bodies. Voice rec: Graham Williams. Mix: CBergvall, May 2009

Cropper (Queen Mix) (July'09) 4:10 July 2009
from Cropper. In Norwegian kropper means bodies. Voice track + lady chapel/Queen Etheldreda crypt aural capture. Vox rec. Graham Williams. Mix: CBergvall, May 2009

Hafville (submerged voice) February 2015
Headphone piece: voice, ribbon microphone, speaker amps. 5'27". Developed for DRIFT installation (NY, Jan-Feb 2015). Engineered by Graham Williams. Here mp3 version.

1DJ2MANY microRMX 1:18 Dec 2010
Unused mix towards the audio piece 1DJ2MANY (wired_madeleine). Caroline Bergvall (text, voice) & Adam Parkinson (sound). Prep for the spatial audiotext used as part of my Middling English installation.

TOGETHER (1.Keeping it) 3:32 2014
Voicework in 3 parts. Commissiond by Espace 2/RTS Swiss National Radio for Arts Birthday 17 Jan 2014 at the MAMCO Museum, Geneva.

TOGETHER (3.Doing it) 4:30 2014
Voicework in 3 parts. Commissiond by Espace 2/RTS Swiss National Radio for Arts Birthday 17 Jan 2014 at the MAMCO Museum, Geneva.

OSIS 1:40 2012
Recording: Graham Williams. Recording location: All Saints Church Blackheath, London. Wood Street Galleries (Pittbsurgh, 2012). Solo shpw Public Address Vita Kuben, Norrlandsoperan (Umeå, 2013).

SONG TO SIREN 4:51 2012
Spokensung version of Tim Buckley's Song to the Siren. Voice C. Bergvall. Percussion/Bells Ingar Zach. This piece is part of our live performance DRIFT (2013 - ongoing).

FRIED TALE - read by Nicolas Rowe 5'06 2010
The bankers greedy banquet as the latest addition of my 'Shorter Chaucer Tales" installment. Read by British actor Nicolas Rowe and featured in the installation Middling English.

CROP Multivoice 4:10 2010
Slightly reworked excerpt of CROP as a multivoice spatialised piece as part of my show Middling English John Hansard Gallery 2010. Voices: C Bergvall, Vincent Broqua, Molly McPhee. Sound: Adam Parkinson.

5 ACTIONS - FOLD 0:57 2007
from: 5 ACTIONS. Commissioned project for Swedish musician Ivo Nilsson. Recording: Speech Recording Studios, London 2007

5 ACTIONS - WASH 0:55 2007
from: 5 ACTIONS. Commissioned project for Swedish musician Ivo Nilsson. Recording: Speech Recording Studios, London 2007

5 ACTIONS - VOICE 0:38 2007
from: 5 ACTIONS. Recording: Speech Recording Studios, London 2007. Word.Sound.Power group show, Tate Modern (London, July-Nov 2013) Khoj International Artists' Association (New Delhi, Jan-Feb 2014).

5 ACTIONS - FEED 1:07 2007
from: 5 ACTIONS. Commissioned project for Swedish musician Ivo Nilsson. Recording: Speech Recording Studios, London 2007

5 ACTIONS - PASS 1:17 2007
from: 5 ACTIONS. Commissioned project for Swedish musician Ivo Nilsson. Recording: Speech Recording Studios, London 2007

Featured on DJ Rupture's CD: DJ Rupture vs Filastine Shotgun wedding. Title: Secret Google Cheat Codes XII)

Mont Blanc (solo voice) 9:17 2006
Reading Shelley's "Mont Blanc" on an invitation from the online site "Romantic Circles: Poets on Poets". Produced by Mario Diaz de León.

Pervaded with that Ceaseless Motion 12:53 2006
Shelley's "Mont Blanc" poem read with sound by Mario Diaz de León. Note on the title: For some inexplicable reason, on the day of the recording I found myself without a copy of Shelley’s "Mont Blanc". I quickly downloaded one from some online Shelley site. Only much later and far too late did we discover that two lines were missing. Line 32: “Thou art pervaded with that ceaseless motion”. This was partially reintegrated to the poem by becoming the title of our collaborative reading. Line 65: “Blue as the overhanging heaven, that spread”. This beautiful line is still spreading.

Invocation (after Ingeborg Bachmann) 1:10 2006
On invitation from Lucas Cejpek, curator of micro dramas for 2 voices for radio and printed in his anthology Beckett Pause. Minidramen. (Sonderzahl Verlag, Wien 2007). Engineered by Graham Williams. London.

The Host Tale 5:07 2006
First in a series of pieces written in mixed Englishes and inspired by Chaucer's Middle English. On invitation from Charles Bernstein & David Wallace for the annual New Chaucer Society conference, NY, July 2006. This recording: October 2006 at Speech Sound Recordings, London. Hosted on PennSound.

RIDE 4:38 2005
This is my first piece using an American English phoneme: the piece moves the voice from "writing" to "wriding". The hand follows the voice closely. Produced by Colin Still. Engineered by Birdie Hall. Featured on "VIA" CD (London, 2005). Installed at solo show Room Unroomed, Aarhus Literatur Center (Aarhus, Denmark, April 2013).

After Gysin 3:36 2005
Preparatory piece for "Ride" done by rehearsing, reproducing, mimicking the performative gesture of Brion Gysin's own "Come to free the words" (1962). Engineered by Birdie Hall. June 04.

VIA (48 Dante translations) mix w fractals 10:02 2000
Audiophonically compiled list of 48 English translations of Dante's opening lines. Voice and vocal fractals recorded and composed with Ciáran Maher (Summer 2000). The text has been featured in FIG (Salt, 2005). Fundacio Tapiès (Barcelona, 2011), KUMU (Tallin, 2013).

Ambient Fish (live) 2:55 1998
Recorded live at EXPO festival (Nottingham, November 1998). This version also featured on Frequency CD eds M. Zurawski & CA Conrad.

Rapid Eye Movement, part 2 6:19 1995
Composed & produced by Kaffe Matthews. Featured at "Hearing is Believing", Video Positive's Radioworks Festival (Liverpool, May 95). Featured on "VIA" CD.

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Seeing Through Languages  2013  

DRIFT - 3D textual mass: Shake  2013  

DRIFT - 3D textual mass: Ottar  2013  

1DJ2MANY  2013  

Ghost Cargo  2011  

Say Parsley  2010  

Middling English  2010  

In conversation w Stephen Foster  2010  

HAMMER MUSEUM RESIDENCY w Rodney McMillian  2009  

Say: Parsley  2008   play it
Data piece conceived for the siting of our installation at MuHKa, Museum of Contemporary Arts (Antwerp, 28 May- 17 August 2008). The list of written Flemish, French and English words tries to match the spoken English list.
BOOM BOOM  2007   play it

Ampersand  2004   play it
Data piece first conceived as part of the performance "Figs 1,2, 3" at the South London Gallery (2002). Transformed as a data piece with Ciarán Maher and shown at Text Festival (Bury, 2004). Presented at Digital Media Writing, Tate Modern (London, 2008).
Flèsh  2001   play it
Transformed for the net by Anya Lewin. First published as "Flèsh à Coeur", a hand-made edition for the artists' book millennium project 'Volumes (of vulnerability)' co-curated by Kate Meynell & Susan Johanknecht (London, 2000).
Say Parsley  2001  

Say Parsley teaser  2001  

Ambient Fish  1999   play it
Flash animation created after my participation at ROOT'99 Festival (Hull) and being in the process of researching and composing Goan Atom 1.
The garden - 2015   

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Middling English   Jan 2011
What does it entail to be a second-language writer writing in the medieval digital age?. Opening essay of my book Meddle English: New and Selected Texts (Nightboat Books, 2011).

A Cat in the Throat - on Bilingual Occupants   Jan 2009
Starting from a figure of speech and its translation, this short essay looks at some of the issues around bilingual and bicultural writing practices. First published in Jacket 37 (early 2009). Subsequently translated and published in Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch. A short version has been included in my Meddle English(2011)

In conversation with Sophie Robinson   Dec 2009
Poet Sophie Robinson put together and edited a section on my work for HOW 2 (vol.3 No.3, Winter 2009). This is the text of the interview she also featured in the issue.

Alette in the Subway   Aug 2008
Meandering piece on American poet Alice Notley's now classic book-length The Descent of Alette (1992). Hosted by Intercapillary Space, curated by Carol Watts & Edmund Hardy.

Pressure Points   April 2007
This piece outlines some of the unresolved preoccupations that feminism, and here especially feminine writing, brought to the fore. Identitarian probing is addressed as a methodological as much as an ideological issue. Written on the occasion of the writers' conference Feminaissance, organised by Cal Arts & Les Figues as a special event of the WHACK! show, Los Angeles, 27-29 April 2007.

Shorter Chaucer Tales: The Franker Tale   April 2007
First published in Jacket 32 (April 07). The studio recording of this text was launched on Penn Sound, Summer 2006 as part of the cycle. First assembled in bookform in Meddle English (2011)

Alyson Singes   2008
PDF of the full text as published and desigend by Belladonna Books, 2008. Limited edition now out of print.

Despatch - Poetry Marathon (Serpentine Gallery)    Oct 2009
The Poetry Marathon was a great two-day poetry event taking place the Serpentine Gallery (London, 18-19 October) at which I was invited to perform alongside a large and eclectic crew of some 50 poets, writers, artists, film-makers and musicians. This critical commentary was written to address briefly some of the questions that writers need to bring to their conversation with art. Not to subsume writing to the powerful seductions and shortcomings of the visual arts but rather to propose the terms of literary specificities within art as part of this exchange. Posted on Harriet blog. 28/10/09.

Shorter Chaucer Tales: The Summer Tale    Oct 2006
First published in Jacket 31 (Autumn 2006). The studio recording of this text was launched on Penn Sound, Summer 2006 as part of the cycle. First assembled in bookform in Meddle English (2011)

Handwriting as a Form of Protest    Oct 2004
Essay on writing and locative performativity using Fiona Templeton's extraordinary project Cells of Release as my main focus. In Jacket 26 (Oct.2004)

ECLAT ubu edition - fully designed pdf project    2004
The product of a year-long collaboration between Bergvall and the designer Marit Muenzberg, /ubu's web 2004 version of Eclat ups the ante on what can be done with a poetry e-book and pdf. The print version of Eclat, a slender yellow-covered volume, first appeared from chris cheek's Sound & Language press in England (1996); the text itself was the byproduct, or page interpretation, of a walk-through performance environment that Bergvall had developed the previous year.(Blurb on the host site ubuweb who commissioned the remake:)

What Do We Mean by Performance Writing?   
In playful and schematic ways I address the questions of writing, performativity and events-led work that many contemporary writing practices share. Keynote presented at the very 1st Performance Writing Symposium (Dartington College of Arts, April 1996) co-organised by Ric Allsopp & C Bergvall. This piece has recently been reproduced in the dossier prepared by Rachel Lois Clapham, (W)reading Performance Writing: A Guide (LADA, London 2010).