free phen375 Caroline Bergvall - Writer working across media, languages, sonic and visual artforms. From published and recorded performances to audio texts, collaborative installations and critical poetics
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SHAKE excerpt
March 2016
5 sections from the series Shake selected as the week's selection in Sweidsh lit blog Bear Books.

Exceprt of Middling English essay on Sibila English
June 2011
Long excerpt featured on this excellent site of works and critical pieces by poets in English or English translation. Hosted on the Spanish site Sibila.

3 short pieces at the American Academy of Poets
March 2011
With contextual links and three selected pieces from the book. Not Tale (Funeral), Cat in the Throat (short version), About Foam

text and simultaneaous audio recording inspired by Brion Gysin's Come to Free the Words(1962), to which it offers a counterpoint.

Hi All I'm Alyson (Blackbox Manifold #3)
Sept 2009
Short text excerpt from ongoing Middling English cycle of works. Featured in this relatively new British-based wide-ranging poetry mag.

A Cat in the Throat - on Bilingual Occupants
Summer 2009
Short essay published in Jacket #37 (Summer 2009). Pdf available here at projects/pdf.

Alette in the subway
October 2008
Contribution to Intercapillary Space's "Constellation: Alice Notley", curated by Carol Watts & Edmund Hardy.

The Social Engagement of Writing
28-31 May 2008
Artist talk. Delivered at the "Conceptual Poetry and its Others" Symposium convened by Marjorie Perloff. Hosted by the University of Arizona Poetry Center. Tucson.

The Audioculture of Writing
May 2007
From a talk presented at Litlive's seminar at Biskops Arnö, Sweden (11-13 MaY 2007), co-organised by Martin Glaz Serup & Ingmar Lemhagen. Publ. in Kritiker #7 (December 07), Swedish poetics journal. ed. Annelie Axén. Online version in English.

Shorter Chaucer Tales: The Franker Tale
April 2007
Text in Jacket #32. Features link to the audio recording at Pennsound.

Shorter Chaucer Tales: Short aside on the Franker Tale
April 2007
Commentary on composing in Chaucerian & Changing English. Written for the "Pressure to Experiment" conference follow-up, curated by Mandy Bloomfield, Ross Hair, Nicky Marsh, Peter Middleton, Victoria Sheppard, Jennifer Young. In Jacket #32.

PUPPER: border branded
From the cycle "THREE NORWEGIAN WORDS". Featured in MiPOesias online mag, ed. Amy King.

Shorter Chaucer Tales: The Summer Tale
October 2006
Text in Jacket #31(October 2006). Features link to the audio recording at Pennsound

Cropper (2006)
In NyPoesi (#2), Norwegian and transNorwegian online magazine, ed. Paal Bjelke Andersen.

Stepping out with Kenneth Goldsmith
Fall 2005
A New York interview. Featured in "Kenneth Goldsmith & Conceptual Poetics", eds. Lori Emerson & Barbara Cole, Open Letter (Fall 05). Whole issue archived here.

FUSES (After Carolee Schneeman)
June 2005
Tribute to and textual transcription of my first viewing of Carolee Schneeman's art-porn film "FUSES" (1967), compressed and uploaded on ubuweb. The waves of Schneeman's soundtrack are the text's seven waves/lines. Text first published in The Brooklyn Rail (NY, June 2005). This version featured in the great Susana Gardner's Dusie mag (issue six, vol.2, 2007).

A form of address: review of A conversation with David Antin by David Antin & Charles Bernstein
May 2003
in Jacket #22 (May 2003)

Body & Sign: thoughts around the work of Aaron Williamson, Hannah Weiner, Henri Michaux
May 2003
in Jacket #22 (May 2003)

About Face
Short textual excerpt as archived at the BEPC since 2001. Full text featured in FIG.

About Face (research notes)
Research notes on this piece as presented at Romana Huk's conference "The Politics of Presence: Re-reading the Writing Subject in Live and Electronic Performance, Theatre and Film Poetry", Oxford Brookes University. Featured in HOW 2 (vol.1,no.6, 2001).

July 2000
Section 1 of Jets Poupee, later entitled Goan Atom (1. Doll). Here adapted for scrolled reading in Jacket #12 (July 2000)
Language in migration: multilingualism and exophonic writing in the new poetics

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Vicki Bennett's Radio Boredcast now online
June 2012
Check out the amazing list of players! My 1-hour list of poets and pieces was boredcasted on 4 March. An AV Festival 12 commission. Archived at WFMU.

PLESSJØR by GPS for TEKSTOPIA, Oslo (Oct'09)
25 October 2009
Recording from my bilingual project Plessjør for the locational project by Anders Sundnes Løvlie/Oslo Poesi festival. Texts are located by listeners who activate the GPS function on their mobile phones. The full project is entitled: Flannér!. It features some 20 recordings in Oslo City Centre. For the Festival, other invited poets were: Øyvind Berg, Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen & Charles Bernstein. Recordings and texts available online.

HAMMER RESIDENCY (online site)
Sept 2009
An arts residency with Rodney McMillian. Summary of our open-ended findings and some visual material online here incl. video interview.

AUDIOTEXT: Cropper (QueenEtheldredaMix) at Trickhouse #5 (Summer 2009)
July 2009
Reading of final section of my new textual project Cropper. Ely Cathedral footsteps, May 2009. Voice recording: Graham Williams. Mix: C Bergvall.

On DJ/Rupture's MUDD UP! show (10June2009)
10 June 2009
Listen to DJ/Rupture's great show on WFMU and catch my latest audiopiece exclusively here: Cropper (Queen Etheldreda Mix). 4'10'.

Updated Author Page PennSound (May 2009)
May 2009
New audio additions and a general rejig of the page by site manager Michael Hennessey. My CD of audio pieces and readings VIA (1984-2004) now available in full here + the piece "Invocation" here in a mix by composer Zahra Mani (2009).

Extreme Media Studies audio interview (NY March)
March 2009
Interview around my own website as a Web Guest of Extreme Media Studies (New School, NY). Conducted and produced by E. Ellsworth & J.Kruse. With Audio snippets of the interview throughout.

Webcast: The Holloway Poetry Series at UC Berkeley
12 November 2008
Series hosted by Lyn Hejinian and Charles Legere. Reading with poet Nina Pick. My reading: ao. Alyson Singes, Cropper finale + Q&A.

UbuWeb Featured Resources March

Invited by ubumaster Kenneth Goldsmith to flag up some of my ten favourite works from ubuweb's vast resource.

July 2006
Flash animation created with Marit Münzberg to accompany the text "Cropper". Featured in NyPoesi #2 (2006), a Norwegian and transNorwegian online poetics magazine.

ECLAT ubu edition
Link to the downloadable version of Eclat. Redeveloped and designed with Marit Münzberg specifically for PDF format. On invitation from Brian Kim Stefans and ubu editions. Further details online.

VIA (48 Dante Translations)
Audiotext created in collaboration with Ciaran Maher. Hosted on ubuweb. Detailed notes online.

About Face
Hosted by ubuweb. Detailed notes online.


Nodal and transliteral text composition by John Cayley. First published in On Line CD-Rom for Performance Research (vol. 4, nr. 2, summer 1999). My text grafts contribution later published in FIG as "16 Flowers". go to: earlier work.