Caroline Bergvall: Drift

Live piece for solo voice, percussion and electronic texts

Drift takes you on a journey through time and space, where languages mix, where the ancient cohabits with the present.

Internationally renowned writer and performer Caroline Bergvall teams up with the Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach, Swiss visual artist and programmer Thomas Köppel and Swiss dramaturge Michel Pralong for this unique and extraordinary performance concert.  Using live voice, live percussion and 3D text treatments, they create a dense, moveable and abstract universe of drifting, shifting, sounding language mass. An intensely hypnotic work.

Drift invents a language of connections and of extremes: from Anglo-Saxon and ancient Nordic seafaring literature to rare pop songs to human rights reports of contemporary sea migrants’ disaster. A complex and haunting meditation on sea travel, exile and history. A contemporary elegy.

Inspired by the anonymous Anglo-Saxon poem The Seafarer, Drift was originally commissioned for the festival lost.last.gru by Grü/Transtheatre, Geneva. It recently opened Shorelines Festival of the Sea, Southend-on-Sea, to great acclaim.

Thank heaven for Caroline Bergvall, an artist and poet pushing the boundaries of language in a blogged-up and twittering world.
- The Guardian

This is a truly international show and the premiere of DRIFT in the UK – make sure you can say that you were there!
- Rachel Lichtenstein, writer and curator of Shorelines



Creative Team

Writer: Caroline Bergvall
Musician: Ingar Zach
Artist: Thomas Köppel
Dramaturge: Michel Pralong

UK producer: Tom Chivers/Penned in the Margins with support from Sound and Music


Tour Dates

Available for touring from May 2014.

Contact us for details + availability:
Michele Pralong for Europe
Tom Chivers for the UK
Caroline Bergvall anywhere else

Get in Touch

European contact: Michele Pralong mobile: +41 78 791 23 90
UK contact: Tom Chivers /Penned in the Margins mobile: +44 (0)20 7375 0121